5 SEO Strategies for Startup Websites

As a startup, you will get endless real challenges on hand to deal with. You will go all-out to grow fast, to get impacts set faster, and to strengthen your footing in the market before your limited funds come to an end.

And probably that’s why most of the start-ups prefer taking keystrokes with SEO – with the hope to lop off few corners and easily make their way to top search ranking. But unfortunately, Google has a brutal history of banishing websites that believe in cutting corners.

Golden SEO Rules For New Websites

Set Practical SEO Goals!

Always be realistic about your marketing goals. Your SEO goals should be realistically defined and firmly bank on what type of business you’re into and how you generate returns. The general goals your SEO campaign should be:

  • Increasing your organic traffic
  • Leading generation for your start-ups
  • Creating brand awareness
  • Performing direct sales
  • Reputation management

Content Is Still The King & Keyword Is The King Maker!

Well-researched, targeted, and quality content boosts user engagement and thus increases your site’s search engine ranking and organic traffic. Keyword-based content with a targeted niche also increases the possibility of quality links from other sites. Use Google Keyword Planner to identify the most applicable keywords for your content.

Don’t Overlook Your Site’s Technical Optimization!

Always keep your website technically optimized. Align your content marketing tactic with targeted search topics, keywords, and user context. Other technical factors that you need to focus on are:

  • Heading & Subheading
  • Meta Description
  • Migrating To HTTPS
  • Mobile-Responsiveness
  • Page Loading Speed
  • Title Tags
  • Internal Links
  • URL Structure
  • XML Sitemap
  • Fixing Crawl Bugs

Stocktaking User Experience (UX) Is A Must!

UX is one of the most crucial SEO ranking factors. Keep auditing your site’s UX in intervals and look for concerns involving lack of user involvement (if any). Use Google Analytics to keep track of user engagement. Also, ensure clean and easy site navigation, unbroken internal links, and complete mobile-friendliness.

Follow Link Building Policy!

Google uses Backlinks to identify and rank quality and credible content. Thus building Backlinks is a must to boost your SEO ranking. With organic and clean Backlinks in your content, you can target genuine users more cost-effectively. Following Backlinks from reliable, popular, and high-authority sites can work magically for off-site SEO.

Final Words

SEO is the lowest risk, yet highest ROI-driving marketing stratagem to tag along. However, the latest search engines and their modernized algorithms are gradually becoming more sophisticated and trickier.

Therefore following the right SEO techniques is crucial. The above-mentioned strategies, if followed professionally will help you have a solid and targeted approach towards the modern digital marketing strategy.